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Dear guests,

In order to organize in the best possible way your sojourning, during your stay, we kindly ask you to follow the following rules

ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES: The accommodation will be given within 01.00 PM and must be released by 10.00 AM. For camping, stay starts from the moment of arrival until 12.00 PM of the following day. In case of no-shows on the date provided when booking, without any communication from the customer, the reservation will be canceled.

RECEPTION: any guests or visitors must file a proof of identity upon their arrival to be authorized by the management.

RESERVATION: it is considered valid only after sending the deposit which must be submitted no later than one week after verbal agreement. After this term, the booking is considered canceled, but you are kindly requested to communicate. If the reservation is canceled 30 days before the arrival date, 75% of the deposit will be refunded. If the reservation is canceled ​​from the 29th to 15th day before expected arrival date, 50 % of the deposit will be refunded. If the cancellation takes place after such term, nothing will be refunded.

DEPOSIT: at the time of consignation of the keys, a deposit of € 50.00 must be paid. It will be refunded upon departure after checking the condition of the received accommodation. In case of damages, an amount equal to the damage caused will be deducted. Accommodation, cookers, dishes and tableware should be left perfectly clean otherwise € 25.00 will be deducted from the deposit.

PAYMENTS: for accommodations, the full amount due for the booked period, must be paid upon arrival even in the case of early departure or late arrival.

GARBAGE: Guests must deposit the garbage in the special containers and to put any moved furniture into original position. Dishes, kitchenware and other housing facilities (chairs, tables, TV, etc. .. ) must not be used or transported outside the accommodation.

CLEANING AND ORDER: accommodations are delivered clean and in order and come with accessories for cleaning excluded detergent and sponges.

CLAIMS: what is provided in the accommodation has to be checked upon arrival. Any fault must be immediately reported, the management will arrange as soon as possible to do the repairment, according to the availability of equipment and people.

PETS: If accepted by the management they should be kept on a leash, they must not stay alone in the accommodation, they must be brought outside in the appropriate spaces for their physiological needs, and if they brought any kind of disturbance they no longer can remain in the village. The owners will take all responsibility.

USE OF PARKING: from the moment of the arrival all vehicles must be parked in the designated area. It is permitted the access to the village only for the necessary time for loading and unloading. Traffic is not permitted from 01.30 PM to 04.00 PM and from 09.00 PM to 07.30 AM.

CHILDREN: Children must be accompanied by family members in the use of equipments and toilets. During the hours of silence, from 01.30 PM to 04.00 PM, the use of the playground and bicycles is not allowed and they must remain under control of the parents who are responsible for them.

HOURS OF SILENCE: during this time, it from 01.30 PM to 04.00 PM and from 12.00 AM to 08.30 AM noises, use of radio and TV, musical instruments, noisy gatherings, use of the playground and sports equipment, are prohibited. It is permitted the transit of motor vehicles within the facility, and anyway only after 07.30 AM, in the case of early morning departure.
IT IS FORBIDDEN: to damages plants and equipments; dig ditches around the tents; light wood-fires and use barbeque if not in the intended provided spaces; tamper with electrical boxes (each connection must be authorized and carried out by the management); throw paper or garbage in the park or in your own terrace (use recycling bin); occupy bungalows or pitches different from those assigned by the management; wash linen, tableware and equipments outside the assigned spaces, and however, it is not allowed to wash cars, boats, tents and caravans.

WARNING: The management reserves the right to interrupt the individual services or the immediate removal of the customers, as well as the loss of deposit paid in cases of violation of the regulation, according to the provisions for public security issued by health and administrative authorities. The management of the village is not responsible for accidents, theft and damages suffered by the people and things pertaining to customers, caused by anyone, even by disasters or natural events.
Any dispute will be settled by the Court of Trapani.

By sending the deposit and upon the arrival, it is intended that all the conditions of regulation are accepted.